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Lammi 8


Lammi 8

The most seaward stage of Kodulahe is ready. Come and see available homes and a model apartment!


Building automation and additional amenities

In the buildings of the Kodulahe quarter, you will not have to waste time on taking meter readings. This task will be done on your behalf by remotely readable meters. You can use the fingerprint reader to access the building, in which the parking level and stairwells utilise energy-saving lights with movement sensors to keep costs low.

Arriving home is simplified by a video phone entry system with a fingerprint reader near the exterior doors, reducing the time needed to find keys. Kodulahe cares about energy-efficiency. So as to promote green and healthy lifestyles, we’ve included a parking area for bikes on the basement level.


Energy efficiency label "A"

Our Kodulahe homes have been designed to be as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible, as reflected in the ‘A’ rating they’ve been awarded. This is achieved by choosing high-quality alternative energy solutions like heat recovery ventilation systems and water-based underfloor heating. The renewable energy solution we’re using for our Kodulahe homes is solar panels.

Energy consumption with energy efficiency label “A” stays below 105 kWh/m² per year. For older apartment blocks the energy efficiency ranges between labels “C” to “E”, or between 126 to 220 kWh/m² per year.


The author of Kodulahe houses is Kuu Arhitektid

In the Kodulahe quarter, you can live a real dream life, where your companions are the gentle lapping of the waves and the soothing rustle of the trees.

You can choose at any moment whether to go for a walk on the beach sand or in the forest. Either you dip your toes in the water or you self-indulgently admire how the squirrels are busy in the treetops. Incomparable. You live in the middle of nature, but at the same time the city center is close enough to enjoy its fun if you wish.

Technical information

Triple-glazed windows

Triple-glazed windows set in timber and aluminium frames reduce heat loss by up to 30% and are more sound- and weather-proof than other windows

Water-based underfloor heating

Underfloor heating means no radiators. It can also be
regulated from room to room, ensuring the perfect
temperature for everyone.

Stone walls

The majority of the internal walls in our apartments
are made from stone, making it easy to install home
electronics, shelving and wardrobes.

Key-fob access

A single smart key provides access to the garage,
staircase, storage rooms and bicycle lockers. Key
fobs are a secure solution because they offer access
only to those areas where the people using them
need to go.

Face detection

In addition to the chip and keys, the front doors of the building can be opened using facial recognition.

Energy efficiency

All of the solutions and products we’ve designed for
use in the buildings (their lighting, heating and ventilation systems) were selected so as to be as energy
efficient as possible.

Electric car recharging points

Available to charge electric cars in the garage.
Consult our sales manager for the chargers’ exact


Selected 4- and 5-room apartments on the top floor have a built-in cooling unit.

Remote metering

Water, heat and electricity consumption are all
metered remotely.


Beauty for every taste

In the Kodulahe quarter, you can live a real dream life, where your companions are the gentle lapping of the waves and the soothing rustle of the trees.

Interior info

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