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Lammi 8-Paviljon

Ready Lammi 8-Paviljon



  • House Lammi 8
  • Floor 1
  • Rooms 1
  • Area 190.7 m2
  • Price 394 100 €
  • Extra info Äripind

Important dates for the apartment

The date of choosing a home plan and the dates of choosing a home finish are over.

Apartment floor position Apartment floor position
Ready Lammi 8

Other 1 room apartments

House Apt. Floor Rooms Area Balcony/Terrace Note Price
Lammi 8 94 1 1 42.5m2 7.7m2 Sold
Lammi 8 76 1 1 35.3m2 12.8m2 Sold
Lammi 8 68 3 1 37.5m2 7.5m2 Sold
Lammi 8 60 2 1 37.5m2 7.5m2 Sold
Lammi 8 52 1 1 37.5m2 6.9m2 Sold
Lammi 8 47 1 1 40.8m2 12m2 Sold
Lammi 8 38 3 1 36.1m2 180 000 €
Lammi 8 31 2 1 36.1m2 Sold
Lammi 8 24 1 1 36.1m2 Sold

A storeroom fee is added to the apartment price. All prices in the price list include VAT. The parking lot charging infrastructure connection service is provided by Enefit VOLT in Kodulahe. Additional information from the sales manager.

Kodulahe sisevaated

Sales conditions

We enter into a reservation contract with the buyer for the apartment they’re interested in. Their reservation comes into effect from the moment the €5000 contract fee is received in our account. The reservation is time-limited, remaining valid until a notarised contract under the law of obligations is entered into. The fee for the reservation contract is counted as part of the final price of the apartment when the contract under the law of obligations is entered into.

We enter into a notarised sales contract under the law of obligations with the buyer that sets out all the agreed details of the transaction. In order to enter into this contract, the buyer must have paid at least 10% (ten percent) of the purchase price.

Once the apartment has been completed and is ready for handover, a notarised real rights contract is entered into, the buyer pays the remainder of the purchase price and the right of ownership in the apartment is transferred to them in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • Building, apartment and interior finish according to designs
  • Connections to water and sewerage networks
  • Connections to electricity and heating networks

  • State fees and notary’s fees (to be paid by the buyer)
  • Subscription to communications services, including security and television
  • Parking space (in garage: €14,000; motorcycle parking space: €4000; outdoor parking space [available for commercial premises only]: €9000)
  • Storage space (up to 3.5 m2: €3000; more than 3.5 m2: €4500)

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